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  • Our Wedding

    June 10, 2016


    St. Brigid Catholic Church

    6907 Kitchener Street San Antonio, TX 78240

    4:00 PM



    Gardens at Old Town Helotes

    15060 Antonio Drive Helotes, TX 78023

    To follow ceremony

  • Wedding Details


    Dressy casual attire recommended. Weather permitting we will dance the night away on the outside dance floor so please dress accordingly. Comfortable dancing shoes, boots, or heels are highly encouraged!


    St. Brigid Church to Gardens at Old Town Helotes


    Turn left out of parking lot onto Kitchener St

    At stop sign, turn left onto Abe Lincoln

    Turn left onto Horn Blvd

    At light, turn left onto Prue Rd

    Turn right onto Bandera Rd

    Turn left onto Scenic Loop Rd

    Turn right onto Old Bandera Rd

    Take next left onto Antonio Dr

    Destination is on the left!


    Take a look and enjoy!


    Cocktail Hour

    Shrimp & Brie Puff

    Blackened Beef Tender and Horseradish Aioli Atop Focaccia Baguette

    Vegetable and Fruit Platter



    House Salad with Garden Vegetables and Balsamic Vinaigrette

    French Country Pasta Action Station: Chef tossing chicken and sausage with mushrooms, roma tomatoes, spinach and penne pasta in a butter wine sauce


  • About Us

    Fun Facts


    From: San Antonio, TX

    School: St. Mary's University,

    University of Texas at Austin

    Profession: Third-Year Pharmacy Student

    Hobbies: Piano, Mountain Biking, Fitness Blender, Baking

    Favorite Thing to Bake: Banana Nut Bread


    From: Chicago, IL

    School: St. Mary's University,

    University of Texas at San Antonio

    Profession: System Developer Associate

    Hobbies: Piano, Drawing, Gaming, Paintball

    Favorite Game: Chrono Trigger

  • How We Met

    By Jordan

    Kelly and I have a long-standing history together. We met during third grade in elementary school; however, we didn't really start talking to each other until sixth grade. We became good friends and I soon realized that I liked her. I was a typical boy in regard to being mean to the person I had affection for. For instance, on the first day of eighth grade, the bell rang for class and I was walking next to her when I decided to knock her binder out of her hands. Of course, I laughed it off and went on my merry way to class and told my friends to leave the spot next to me open. When Kelly entered the room, the only spot left was next to me. At the time, I thought myself as clever, but I eventually saw my error and changed my demeanor. Over the year, our friendship grew and in February 2005, I asked her to wait in the orchestra room before going home. She obliged and I said


    "Hey, I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I just want you to know that I like you... it's fine if you don't feel the same, I just thought you should know... okay bye."


    I must have gone through that speech one hundred times at home and another hundred times while waiting after school yet I still fumbled over my words and left without really waiting for a response. That same night, she messaged me on AIM (Yep, AOL Instant Messenger) and told me that she liked me too. I was overjoyed, but still really didn't have a handle on dating. School was a bit awkward for three days until I asked her to meet me in the orchestra room again. I apologized and from what I remember began rambling until I finally said


    "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"


    She said yes and we hugged as she walked towards the bus to go home. As I stood there in the room, heart racing with a big smile on my face, I raised my fist to the air and exclaimed "Yes!"

  • The Proposal

    By Jordan

    Fast forward about a decade to 2013. Both of us were finishing our degrees and were making plans to further our education. Even though we were still going to be in school, I loved this woman and I wanted to express my intent on marriage. I had been working for the IT services at school and used the money to buy a ring. The ring had to be perfect, it had to mean much more than an expensive piece of jewelry. I found the diamond and searched for the band to put it on. The one I chose was a beautiful infinity band to convey my eternal love for her (a bit cheesy, I know). Now that I had the ring, I had to plan the presentation. Kelly was going to attend Pharmacy School at UT Austin and loves doing outdoor activities so I looked for locations in the area. After looking at various locations, I decided on Mount Bonnell. Awesome, I had the ring, I had the location, all that was left was to figure out how I was going to do it. Ideas floated through my head ranging from lazily sweet to excessively extravagant. I thought of a happy medium between the two extremes; I made her a bracelet with four pennies that I would present to her right before proposing. The last thing I had to do was inform my parents and her parents of my intentions and they gave me their blessing.


    On August 9, 2013, we were in Austin with her brother. We went for a hike nearing sunset up to Mount Bonnell. It wasn't a terribly busy day, but there were other people who were taking pictures in the spot I wanted to propose so I had to make a detour that would circle us back to the top. Once there, I prompted her brother to document the event and told Kelly that I had a present for her. I gave her the bracelet and explained the meaning behind the pennies.


    "Look at the years of the pennies. 1990 is the year we were born. 2001 is the year we met. 2005 is the year we started dating. And this penny is 2013. It represents the year I proposed."


    She looked up at me with a confused look as I got down on my knee and said


    "Kelly Michelle Niemiec, we've been together for eight years through good times and bad times. Every moment we spend together is another moment I fall in love with you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"


    Stunned, smiling, and speechless, she responded "Really?" I confirmed and asked her again to which she answered a resounding "Yes!" I put the ring on her finger, stood up, and hugged and kissed her. Some people around that saw what happened clapped and we walked off down the trail.


    To think, I am going to be marrying my best friend who I've known for the majority of my existence. She is my friend and partner and I love her dearly. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for us next.

  • Accommodations

    Hotels and Transportation



    Special deals

    We have blocked rooms at hotels for

    our out-of-town guests.



    Please note the dates by which rooms

    must be booked to receive the

    special discounted rates.

    Wyndham Garden

    King - $119//Double - $129

    6809 North Loop 1604 West

    San Antonio, TX 78249



    Call and mention the Niemiec-Aluyen

    wedding or click here to book online.

    Please book rooms by

    5:00 pm on Thursday, May 12

    to get our group rate.

    Hilton Garden Inn

    King - $119//Double - $119

    5730 Rim Pass

    San Antonio, TX 78257



    Call and mention the Niemiec-Aluyen


    Please book rooms by

    Tuesday, May 31

    to get our group rate.


    There are many options available for transportation, but here are a couple

    you can check out.


    Both are located at the San Antonio 

    Airport. Additionally, San Antonio offers 

    Uber and Lyft.






    8540 Eastern St.

    San Antonio, TX 78216



    Link to website


    910 West Cargo

    San Antonio, TX 78216



    Link to website





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